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So you're interested to know about me, feeling good smile.

Already you know my name, let me explain it's meaning. Bengali word Tanmoy means deeply engaged in something. Don't know if there is any connection with the name, but I love to get deeply engaged in anything. When I work, I cannot even feel hungry. I have a record of working over 20 hours continuously, without using the washroom or drinking a glass of water for a single time. But you know what? That was a personal project, not such important.

I like to read novels, love to travel. Actually hilly areas, mountains, springs, and snowfall. I've visited Bhutan in last winter with my wife as the honeymoon trip. Sea doesn't attract me much but like coral islands.

Programming & my wife are the sources of my living. I cannot think a moment except any of them. I think sequence will be changed after my child's birth  smile

I'm highly passionate, hard worker, quick learner. Working in IT industry since 2006. These days I'm working with

  • VoIP (Asterisk) server administration
  • Web/Database/Socket server administration
  • NodeJS based application development 
  • WebRTC audio/video communication system
  • PhalconPHP/Laravel MVC based Web App Development

I'm expert in

  • Server Administration
  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB/MySQL
  • Android Development
  • HTML5/CSS3/jQuery

You may be interested to know my academic records. To be honest, I wasn't so bright. However, have an MSc in Computer Science. Still working hard for academic advancement. 

I've got a good track record as well. I've worked in 2 US based software companies as lead developer. And now working in Rouge Syndicate from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 

That's it. Thanks again to go through this article.  

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Project Competed 140+
Hour Worked 1750+
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