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Wow! I have been in touch with my blog after a nine-month-interval. Currently, I have to remain too busy to employ a single hour and even the least of my efforts to work on this blog. I have joined in a Canadian Company in 2011 and served there till 2012. At present, I’m working as a ‘Lead Developer’ in GWHQ which is actually a software firm based in Dallas.

Tanmoy as Android Developer
Android: The Most Complete Mobile OS

As one of the official obligations, I have to work for 10 hours and also take more 4/5 hours for a study to cope with the fast changing trends of application development avenues. So, I am having a time crunch to contribute to my blog.

Last year, I was challenged by an upcoming star who is a Bangladeshi web developer and is already well known for his social works. I received the point of the argument about Java from him via a Facebook comment. Although I did not have adequate insight, I was pretty confident of what I stated accurately for that refutable aspect of Java. However, such feeling of inadequacy made me learn Java the way Java professionals do. Based on the existing trend, Android Application Development is said to be the most applied part of Java programming. So, I decided to gain in-depth knowledge about it.

The aftermath comes handy after a seven-day time, and I have managed to release my first Android App for PayToMobi which is available in Google Play as “PayToMobi Android”. I acknowledge that the application’s user interface might look inadequately dainty for I got no professional designer who could help me to build it impressively. But, I am still optimistic about the core.

Let me inform you of the precise details for the core.

Level 1: The app collects username & PIN, verify the accuracy (still being connected with server) and save locally after encryption.
Level 2: Send required data (and credentials every time, so it reads data after decryption which was stored before).
Level 3: Read response and display in the desired format.
Level 4: A service is always activated to collect urgent announcement (if applicable).

The reason behind disclosing the facts about the core is to give you an idea what the app may do in your device (read/write files, connect to the internet and send an email or call us from your device).

This is how I stepped onto the Android World. In a course of time and assignments, I have developed more than 50 apps which are available in the Android market among which 20 apps are paid. Though I had to develop all those apps for my clients’ companies, I really feel proud and happy when I see my apps sell in the market like hot cakes.

I’m pretty sure that I’m not always a positive thinker. I always urge that someone would provide me an innovative idea but no fortune. I hope I will bring out an idea, put it into practical application and publish an incredible Android application on my own which will bring me some fame along with fortune.

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