Why I Moved to NodeJS

Posted by Tanmoy

Welcome guys to read my blog, again! It's almost 3 years I didn't write anything here, actually got busy with regular life and forgot completely about this shit cool

This article isn't nothing special but about technologies I used to re-develop my blog. Since 2006, I've been using WordPress for almost all sort of web applications. In 2010 I found Codeigniter and really loved MVC pattern. So started exploring other frameworks like Symphony, Laravel & PhalconPHP. And for performance, I was settled down to PhalconPHP.

In 2015, I was assigned to develop a Video Communication System for browsers and started exploring WebRTC. As you know, WebRTC is the cutting edge technology for Real Time communication within browsers which use WebSocket behind the scene, I had to try several technologies. And finally found NodeJS based socket.io as the handiest tool for WebRTC signaling.  After having a very closer look, I fall in love with NodeJS and started using that to develop high-end web applications.

A few months back I got a notice from Registrar about my domain expiration and realised that my blog got too old. So decided to re-develop and obviously NodeJS came to front! 

So, this blog application is running on

  • NodeJs (Express for Web App)
  • MongoDB (For database)
  • Nginx (As proxy server)
  • And nothing else wink

However guys, thanks again for going through this article. And goodbye for now.

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